WordPress Maintenance Support Features

With a comprehensive suite of WordPress maintenance support features, we provide everything your website needs to stay online, updated, secured and optimized.

We are your WordPress maintenance support experts. Focus more on running your business and leave all the tech and management to us. Choose a monthly plan that best suits your needs.

We take care of all your WordPress tasks for you!


WordPress updates happen frequently. Neglecting updates could be disastrous, effect functionality, and risk the security of your site. Don’t worry about WordPress core, theme, or plugin updates ever again.


As your business grows and changes, so will your site. When you need to update existing content, edit some CSS, add fresh new content such as a blog post or page, or install a theme, these tasks are all handled for you.


When a theme or plugin becomes abandoned, or when changes are made to a site, this can cause site errors and functionality issues. No matter what breaks your site, our experts will fix it up in no time.


Harden your WordPress site with brute force protection, file change detection, 404 monitoring, 2 step authentication, strong password enforcement and more. Premium iThemes Pro Security included.


Protecting your site from spam, viruses and malware should be your top priority. We optimize, monitor and manage the security of your site to help keep your site secure from hackers and safe for everyone.


Powered by Sucuri, we provide a deep level of malware scanning on your website. If we detect any malware, we will work 24/7 until your site is safe again. When finished, we patch all backdoors that are found.



WordPress sites can be brought down by vulnerabilities not being patched on time. We regularly scan your site and apply fixes to plugins, themes and WordPress core itself to prevent this.


There are a number of reasons for a site to go down. Whatever the reason is, rest easy knowing that we monitor your site 24/7 and expedite getting it back online in the event it goes down.


Don’t risk losing your data from server crashes or file corruptions. Regular offsite cloud backups ensure your website data is safe and can be easily restored in the event of a disaster.


Site changes are disappointing when it causes your site to break. With staging support, you no longer have to worry about updates or changes breaking your production site.


Whether you made a mistake installing something or your site was wiped out by a hardware failure, we will restore your site from the most recent backup within 5 minutes.


Cloning is like having a Ctrl C function for your WordPress site. Clone an exact copy of your website and/or migrate your website to another hosting provider.


Checking for broken links on your site can sometimes be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Our scanner will find all broken links and report back with the findings for our team to fix.


Think of us as your own personal WordPress PR handler. We will review and manage all website comments so you don’t have to. This includes deleting any SPAM comments.


Sites that exhibit risky behavior or have been infected by malware are blacklisted. In the event your site has been blacklisted, we get you back on the safe browsing list fast.

Our WordPress maintenance support features are handled by experts who live and breath WordPress. Combine this with top customer service at the most affordable rates, we provide what your site needs.

WordPress Maintenance Support Speed Optimization

Stop Losing Precious Traffic!

Did you know that according to statistics, over 40% of web visitors will leave a website if it fails to load under 3 seconds? Page loading time is an important part user experience. Many times this is overlooked because there is generally more focus on the aesthetic design and specific functions of a website.

Unfortunately, website visitors tend to care more about speed than any of the bells and whistles on a website. When it comes to page loading time, it’s an important search engine ranking factor which can impact traffic and sales.

Page Speed Optimization

Slow loading times could be limiting search engine rankings, traffic, and sales. We optimize your site speed to help promote a better user experience. Premium WP Rocket plugin included.

✔ Enabling Website Page Caching

✔ Enable Browser Caching

✔ Enabling GZip Compression

✔ Configuring ETags, Keep-Alive, and Headers

✔ Preload Sitemap

✔ Preload Cache

✔ Prefetch DNS Requests

✔ Enable Caching for Mobile Devices

✔ HTML, CSS, and JS Minification

✔ Combine Google Fonts, CSS, and JS

✔ Defer JS Loading

✔ Optimize CSS Delivery – Critical Path

✔ Remove Query Strings from Static Resources

✔ Disable WordPress Embeds

✔ Lazyload iframes and Videos

✔ Replace YouTube iFrame with Preview Image

✔ Lazyload Images

✔ Image Compression Optimization

✔ Optimize Emojis

Cloudflare or MaxCDN Setup (Optional)

✔ Database Optimization

Are You Protecting Your Investment?

Having your WordPress site hacked can be a horrific nightmare. From one moment to the next, your site is shut down, traffic plummets, sales stop, and brand reputation could be severely damaged.

While getting hacked is never pleasant, it is much more common than you would think and millions of attacks happen daily. In December 2017 alone, there were almost 190,000 WordPress sites targeted with over 14 million attempted attacks per hour from more than 10,000 different IP’s. Are you protecting your investment?

WordPress Maintenance Support Security Protection

We Help Keep The Bad Guys Out

WordPress attacks can be disastrous. Take action and protect your site, your customers, and your brands’ reputation with proactive security measures before it’s too late.
✔ Scheduled Malware Scanning

✔ Malware Removal

✔ Hands-on Traffic Management

✔ 24/7 Firewall Scanning

✔ HTACCESS Optimization

✔ User Activity Logging

✔ Away Mode

✔ Vulnerability Patching

✔ Monitored Security Logs

✔ Strong Password Enforcement

✔ File Comparison Checks

✔ Two-Factor Authentication

✔ SPAM Blocking

✔ Brute Force Protection

✔ 404 Monitoring

✔ Regular Salts Changing


Protect Your Investment

Your WordPress site is important to you and it’s important to us. We make sure to keep your website protected, maintained and performing it’s absolute best.

Zero Contracts

Say goodbye to contracts. Our support plans are contract free, billed monthly, and can be cancelled anytime with a click of a mouse, no questions asked.

Amazing Support

We strive to provide top-notch support. As WordPress Experts, we are here to support you in any way that we can. We provide email, chat and ticket support.